Mother and Daughter Help


Are you and your daughter not getting along? Fights are heartbreaking and making you both frustrated?  Do you wonder if it will ever get any better? I know this is a very emotionally draining place to be and that brighter days are on the way...but you need to roll up your sleeves instill some of that hope that has disipated some,and come in to see me, to help end the sadness.

"All mothers and daughters want the same things: love, understanding, respect. And they want them from each other. Mom wants love, respect, and understanding from the child she brought into the world. And daughter wants the same from the woman who gave her life. Many moms seek professional guidance because their daughter is acting out in some way — such as getting a tattoo, dressing inappropriately, or dating someone the rest of the family deems undesirable. The specific behaviors may be age related, but they are simply the manifestation of the underlying desire to be understood, respected, and loved. The only real way that the mother-daughter relationship can evolve in a healthy, loving, and sustainable way is to satisfy these needs. And it boils down to communication, which is something that mothers and daughters are doing constantly, just not as effectively as they could."

Do not delay.  Life moves along too quickly, and this relationship with your daughter is one of lifes most important ones.  Call me today for help.