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Jesus and your marriage

I believe that a christian marriage is a sacred commitment. I know that couples that have a relationship with thier Lord and Creator have an advocate that many couples do not enjoy. We can explore relational issues in the light of his love and grace. Life is filled with many trials and tribulations that can work to pull a marriage apart. We are imperfect people who do not always respond to life's difficulties and temptations in a way that God intended. We can explore the boundaries of forgiveness within the context of a christian marriage. I have seen many marriages turn the tide from a path of distancing, distrust and disappointment towards a journey of rebuilding the love and trust that was lost. In this busy Orange County lifestyle couples can loose sight of the connection and joy that drew them together in the first place. The everyday duties, tasks and responsibilities can slowly drain us over time and lead us to start drifting away from our spouse. We can explore ways for couples to keep the focus on the things that are building thier bond to each other.
Many couples can benefit from sitting down with a trained, competant, faith based, pro-commitment therapist to get an objective perspective on how they can improve thier relationship.

I can help you learn conflict resolution techniques that will allow you to lovingly deal with the inevitable friction points in life.